Slow and steady wins the race?

I mentioned in my post about supplements¬†that I had “heard” but not “researched” a claim that slower immune system recovery correlated with better alemtuzumab outcomes. Continue reading “Slow and steady wins the race?”



Patients who are expecting to undergo treatment with alemtuzumab are advised to avoid food potentially contaminated with listeria.

My neurologist mentioned this to me and suggested I should start excluding higher risk foods from my diet immediately. Continue reading “Listeria”


Tests, tests, tests

I found this online – Hands on Alemtuzumab-experience from clinical practice: whom and how to treat, published by BioMed Central.

It’s quite impenetrably doctorish & sciencey, but includes a list of recommended pre-treatment testing. Continue reading “Tests, tests, tests”


In the beginning


This is a blog to document my experience with alemtuzumab treatment (commonly known by its marketing name Lemtrada, also sometimes referred to as Campath).

I will start with some background. Continue reading “In the beginning”