Tests, tests, tests

I found this online – Hands on Alemtuzumab-experience from clinical practice: whom and how to treat, published by BioMed Central.

It’s quite impenetrably doctorish & sciencey, but includes a list of recommended pre-treatment testing. I’ve already had a chest x-ray for TB, and booked myself a smear for HPV and hoping the rest will involve nothing more unpleasant than a bunch of blood tests and a wee in a cup.

Recommended lab testing before Alemtuzumab treatment/retreatment

Differential blood count, and optionally an immune status depending on the pretreatment and on the number of lymphocytes

Liver panel including SGOT, SGPT, GGT, bilirubin

Kidney panel including Creatinine, GFR

Thyroid panel including TSH, T3, T4

Infection status including Syphilis, VZV, HIV, hepatitis serology, TB test (eg. Quantiferon test)

Coagulation panel including INR, PTT

Urine panel including quantitative urinalysis by sediment microscopic analysis

HPV screening and pregnancy test in women

Infection screening panel including CRP, BSG


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