Quick update

The MS nurse called me back to confirm the antibioticsĀ definitely start two weeks before alemtuzumab, despite what it said in my letter… Ho hum. Different hospitals seem to have different protocols but from what I can gather it doesn’t matter a lot, so I will obediently begin on Monday. It’s all getting a bit real!


Why the “why”?

This is Part 2 of Finding the Why.

The previous post talked about why I chose alemtuzumab treatment, and what I hoped to gain from it in terms of long term and (with hope and optimism rather than expectation) short term health benefits.

But just as important is to focus on why those health benefits matter to me. Why does it matter if I have a bunch more relapses? Why does it matter if I can keep on walking well, or if I just toddle around as best I can? Wouldn’t that be good enough? Couldn’t I just live with whatever MS has in store for me? People do. Continue reading “Why the “why”?”