HPV screening

So I’ve just returned from my GP surgery….

I was there for the nurse to carry out a long-overdue smear test. I have been avoiding it for longer than I should but my neurologist did say I should make sure I was up to date so I bit the bullet and booked myself in.

The nurse was lovely and explained the test in far more detail than anyone who has previously done it on me.

(Did you know, for example that there are 200 different types of HPV virus, and the cervical smear checks for 14 strains of interest?)

I was also very pleased to see that since last time, my surgery has switched from the cold metal speculum to a nice comfy plastic one. 🙂  Particularly as I need to start having them annually after alemtuzumab – eek!

So that’s two down – TB and HPV…

I’ve also spoken to the MS nurse to follow up and make sure that the team crack on with organising my other tests. They didn’t get around to organising the JC test for ages – I didn’t chase up as I’d already decided that Tysabri wouldn’t be my preference, and it was only because I happened to go to the clinic for a relapse that they finally noticed it hadn’t been done… Sigh.

Anyway, I have learned that I can’t quite rely on the overworked and understaffed neurology team to stay on top of everything at all times, and need to do my bit as well!


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