Starter kit Part 2 – unboxed

Read Part 1 here.

It proved too hot last night for sexy unboxing videos – feel the disappointment. In any case, this sort of thing is a private affair, right?

I unboxed alone.

The starter kit contains:

  • Patient alert card – a credit-card-sized fold-out warning for future doctors to see. Fill in personal details, including medical contacts, carry at all times, flash at all health professionals for the next five years. Observations: it’s made of sturdy card but I think 5 years’ wear is a lot to ask so I hope I’ll get a replacement as needed…
  • Monitoring calendar, an A6-sized card booklet to keep track of 5 years monitoring. Gulp. Observations: again, made with sturdy card, but 5 years is a long time! I think I will entrust this to the spouse, who is far more organised than I am.
  • Your guide to understanding Lemtrada (alemtuzumab), an A5 booklet with simple information about the treatment process and about the post-treatment monitoring and self-checking programme. Observations: it is helpfully easy to understand, although I can’t say I learned anything I hadn’t already gathered in my own Internet research. Since we seem to have struck a theme of commenting on the production quality… it’s decent thick paper with card covers – pretty fair quality for an item that probably doesn’t have to be well-used over a five-year period!
  • Your handbook – Your guide to getting the most from your Lemtrada treatment, another A5 booklet (similar quality, if you want to know, but with more pages!) This covers similar ground in more detail, focusing on patient experience with tips on things like coping with side effects, dealing with feelings and emotions, and being mentally prepared for a commitment to post-treatment monitoring. Observations: I’m sure some people benefit from having two different booklets, but I would have preferred a single handbook to cover everything in one place.

Well, I’ve read them all from cover to cover so there it is – I am started!

Oh, and MS nurse (2) called back today, having taken no note of the details of my message yesterday, having no idea what I might want, and having had no contact with MS nurse (1) who wrote to me earlier in the week. I explained. She’s going to go away and apparently will sort everything out.

I try to be understanding. I know it is a difficult and under-resourced job.


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