Just 14 days to go now till I start my treatment. I took my first antibiotic pill this morning, and the hospital letter arrived with my joining instructions.

I feel I should be doing more to prepare but all I can think to do is figure out how I’m going to handle 5 full days of being attached to a drip, immobile, probably feeling rubbish, but not being able to lie down and sleep through it.

(I once tried to sleep in those hospital chairs when staying overnight with my daughter… Not a giant success.)

I fear the boredom and frustration will drive me absolutely crazy, especially if I’m also in pain or itching all over or… Ye gods.

  • Books (but nothing too demanding)
  • Audiobooks
  • Podcasts
  • Pre-downloaded telly from BBC iPlayer
  • Silly games from the android play store

I wonder whether, when reality bites, these will seem like foolish concerns. Maybe I will breeze through? Or maybe the infusion reactions will be so awful that boredom will be the least of my concerns!

At least I’ll be coming home each night so, if I realise on day 1 that I should have brought X, Y or Z, then I will know better by day 2!


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