SnowdonSnowdon. Snowdon!

It’s been on my bucket list for a good while and this year, the year when I decide to start doing some actual proper exercise and actually follow through and actually do it… This year was meant to be my year. To be fair, last year was also meant to be my year but the Great Fatigue Relapse of 2016 put paid to that idea.  So is the Great Foot Drop Relapse of 2017 going to put paid to things this year?

I booked a trip to Snowdonia a while ago, pre-relapse. A commitment.

Now, it’s next week.

I’ve vacillated over whether to cancel it, never quite willing to admit that this is just a step too far, over-optimistic, over-ambitious, and just, well, more than I can handle. This week I came pretty close to giving up the idea that I can climb my mountain, if only I really really want to. Even stairs are a challenge these days!

But Trevor Wicken of the MS Gym has given me courage. If you can stand, you can walk, he says. If you can walk 3 steps, you can walk 30, he says. So it follows that, if you can walk a couple of kilometres on the flat, you can walk a few more up the side of a mountain. Right? The highest British mountain outside of Scotland. No problem.

So I went to the gym today, and walked home without so much as a stick, and I’m feeling ready for anything. Bring it on!


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