Snowdon accomplished!

I did it!

It took 6 hours to walk up (apparently 3 to 4 hours is “normal”). We took frequent rest breaks – including a stop at the Half Way House cafe for welsh cakes and a water re-fill – and walked pretty slowly. Even while not actually sitting down, we were frequently overtaken, and I don’t think I actually overtook anyone at all, so we were possibly the slowest walkers on the mountain! It was rather warm, but we took plenty of water and drank it all, and the breeze higher up was refreshing. All in all, though, we were jolly glad we managed to bag tickets for the train down! 🙂

I took a single trekking pole. On the easier sections, two might well have been better, especially when my left arm began to tire. But there were sections where even one pole needed careful handling as the path was made of gappy, uneven rocks and even boulders! The stick was supremely helpful though, and I think a single pole was the right choice. I also used a knee strap, which help with the stability of my dodgy right knee.

I am so proud of myself. I haven’t quite come down from the experience, even a few days later. We brought home ALL THE MERCHANDISE. T-shirt, fridge magnet, certificate, coaster – you name it. I keep having to pinch myself and remember that two months ago I could barely walk at all and now I have just walked up a chuffing MOUNTAIN! It’s been a proper bucket list adventure.

(Now I want to do ALL THE HILLS. Starting today, actually, we are planning a Sunday stroll up to Cam Peak & Cam Long Down.)

And tomorrow: alemtuzumab round 1 begins for real…



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