Round 1 – Day 2

10.15am – Got my corner seat again – decided I’d rather have a window and suffer the heat later than sit in the middle of the room. So far, the room seems less busy this morning but the nurses think it will get busier later. Anyway, I’ve already had a cup of tea and got oodles of juicy water to keep me hydrated. Feeling ready for Day 2!

I’ve already had all the premeds – antivirals at home, steroids by IV and paracetamol 30 minutes before hook-up (supposed to be an hour but happy to be jumping the gun slightly as the sooner you start the sooner you finish!)

Alemtuzumab hooked up by 10.15am 🙂

Managed to walk up and down the corridor a couple of times in between steroids and the main event, as I’m sure last night’s twitchy legs were at least partly due to yesterday’s long immobility. I also walked into hospital again, it’s not far but is the only exercise I’m getting just now so as long as I feel well enough I will keep walking.

2pm – alemtuumab almost finished. It has been uneventful apart from the time I tried to get to the sink to wash my hands after a very juicy nectarine! Accidentally pulled my tube out and sprayed blood all over the place! Felt like an idiot as the nurses buzzed around to sort me out… But feeling much less groggy and tired so far today, and managed a whole episode of Dr Who before I gave up because the sound was messing about. Listening to an audiobook now but it’s not very absorbing so the boredom is starting to kick in again. Also, wearing short on plasticky hospital chair, ick – seemed like a good idea as it’s another warm day but turns out to have been a mistake! Still, if these are all I have to moan about, it’s not so bad… 🙂

4.30 – home safe. Feeling better today after yesterday although happy to be on my sofa watching crap TV. Had my antihistamine pill an a couple of paracetamol for a mild incipient achiness, got an anti-viral to take at dinner time. No real complaints 🙂


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