Round 1 – Day 3

12pm – it’s all becoming rather routine at the moment. Antibiotic and antiviral this morning at home. Arrived just after 8am, steroids and paracetemol, then piriton and alemtuzumab flowing by not long after 9.30. Took two goes to get the cannula in so may have to try a different site tomorrow! Bloods taken to check my levels of something (I didn’t ask). Fairly comfortable with everything although ongoing technology niggles are a continuing issue… no Doctor Who!

Only real point to note so far is that for some reason I have been put on half-hourly obs today and the blood pressure cuff is either tighter than usual (it’s done by a robot so I assume not) or for some reason my body has decided to respond today with arm twitches that kick in as soon as the cuff tightens and continue jumping until the whole experience is over. Annoying!

Oh and I did have a slightly weird thing that I mentioned to the MS nurse earlier. On my way home yesterday I noticed a faint tingly sensation in the perineal area (I have had altered sensation before but not there!) It disappeared soon after I got home so I forgot about it. But the same thing happened when I walked to the hospital this morning – again, subsided once I had got here and settled down. Ho hum? The MS nurse commented that alemtuzumab can cause flare-ups – really bad ones – which is why we get steroids alongside the alemtuzumab – and the steroids actually for many people cause a bit of an improvement for any active symptoms (my walking does seem easier now you mention it). I’m putting it down to “jut one of those weird MS things”…

2pm – unplugged about 1.30pm and all done apart from final monitoring and obs. Feeling pretty decent! 🙂

10pm – tired, emotional, but no rash yet! That faint tingly feeling came back on the walk home and then disappeared. Apparently that’s a thing now…


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