Round 1 – Day 4

10.30am – no steroids today so I had my antivirals and paracetemol at home and got to hospital for 9am. (No need to rush in as the alemtuzumab isn’t available until the hospital pharmacy opens at 9am…) Plugged in with antihistamine and alemtuzumab by 10am. Two goes to get the cannula in again, on my left hand today as the right hand is already covered in holes and bruises. 😦

It would be fair to say that the theme of the day has been “tired and emotional”. I arrived at the hospital after a tear-stained walk, and spent most of the day curled up in the recliner under a blankie… trying not to twitch too much when the evil obs nurse took my blood pressure every 10 minutes. (Not evil. Just doing her job. But.)

6.30pm – Got home by around 3.30 and immediately fell asleep on the sofa. Emotions continuing to run high. Oddly, when I went to the loo at six o’ clocck and saw all spots on my leg, it sort of cheered me up a bit! Quaffed anti-histamines and paracetemol, had another very brief snooze and felt a bit more normal. Maybe it’s the visible badge of what’s happening to me that makes me feel a bit less like a crazy tear-stained madwoman? But then, it isn’t too itchy yet, so there’s always room for things to feel worse later…

(PS that soft buzz / tingle in the perineal area is still a thing – only happens when walking to or from the hospital. Quickly subsides when I arrive and settle down… Weird.)


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