Round 1 – Aftermath (3 days later)

The weekend I spent in a state of utter exhaustion. If I were a mobile phone, I would have been on 2% battery Saturday, rising perhaps to 5% on Sunday.

The emotional rollercoaster of steroids continued unabated, which is just as well because the adrenaline from being upset and pissed off was the only thing keeping me going. I spent quite a lot of Sunday morning lying in bed and trying to decide whether I had the energy to pack a bag and call a taxi, and where I would go if I ran away, and whether it was worth the bother of taking the kid with me…

But somehow I survived and, eventually, began to feel vaguely human. Monday I was simply an ordinary level of ill and knackered, with battery levels achieving maybe as much as 15%. Today, Tuesday, is much the same, perhaps approaching 20% charge.

It is difficult to resist the notion that because battery levels have recovered to 20%, I must be fine now. Must remember to rest, rest, rest.

Apart from the fatigue, my symptoms / side-effects are pretty manageable:

  • The rash had disappeared by Saturday, apart from a bit of residual itching on my feet and ankles, which was gone by Sunday.
  • I have had near-constant minor leg twitches. Despite the exhaustion, I decided Monday I had to get my legs moving and had a few short and very gentle stints on the exercise bike just to warm the muscles through. It helped a bit.
  • A soft bit of altered sensation on the legs, but nothing bothersome there.
  • A yucky taste in my mouth and nausea, which I am blaming on the antivirals. Lots of diluted juice and salty snacks for me, then!

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