Getting my life back: running

The scariest bit of the triathlon I am doing next month is the running phase.

It’s only 2.5k (ha, this time last year “only” would not have been the right word for running 2.5k!) but my two very lame attempts at running this distance since the Great Foot Drop relapse have made clear how challenging this will be. I’ve had to jog-walk both times because I just keep stumbling when I run. Running sucks.

I have a two-pronged attack method – the long term solution obviously is to get help from a physiotherapist, but the triathlon is next month and I’ll be lucky if I even manage to get my first appointment before then! So in the meantime, the short-term prong it will have to be….

Many hours of internet research later, and I’ve decided the best solution could be a lightweight strap orthosis that wraps around the ankle and clips onto your shoe laces to stop the foot from dropping too much. Specifically, I’ve ordered an Ossur ankle-foot orthosis called Foot-Up which seems like just the job. I’ll let you know how I get on!

In other news – 14 days after alemtuzumab I am still feeling good.

True, I’m not quite as fit and strong as before – I found swimming a struggle when I went today and only just managed 20 lengths. BUT – again – a year ago “only” would have been the wrong word…

I guess all that exercise I did in an attempt to up my baseline ready for whatever MS had in store for me was worth it, heh? Baseline being higher, means I can lose strength and fitness and still be able to swim 20 lengths and contemplate doing that triathlon.

So, yes, things are looking good, and this time next week I will also have a car. Got to be happy with that! 🙂

UPDATE – the ankle-foot strap arrived today. I had a little jog around the block and am happy now that it is a Good Thing. Will try a proper run later in the week (too tired today with achey legs after a long country walk).


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