Driving and running and being alive

20170810_155855Today I picked up my new car! It’s always exciting having a new car, but when you’ve been off the road completely for three months and very dependent on other people helping you out it is nothing short of a liberation!

I’ve had two driving lessons now and drove the Yellow Peril home without a hitch – a little bit more practice before I am 100% comfortable, but I do feel loads more confident about a left-foot accelerator. So – I’m mobile again! Whoop!

101220-amelia-earhart2-hmed-8a_647062c87f27da2f252df5ce8dc4f432(She’s not called the Yellow Peril really… clearly not. In fact,  her colour “hot mustard” and her vibrant dash suggested to us the christening of Captain Amelia Ketchup… Can’t wait to get flying off with her on exciting adventures to who-knows-where!)

In other news, I’ve tested out my Ossur Foot-Up today with a steady jog around my 2.5k loop and am pretty happy. Not quite confident enough for an all-out gallop but I didn’t feel like falling over at all, and I didn’t have to keep stopping to walk for a bit while I gathered my courage for a fresh attack. Great progress. The foot-up isn’t a miracle fix but it definitely helped. So that’s another smiley face in today’s update. What a big day!

And next week I shall be seeing a physiotherapist – the NHS one still hasn’t even sent me an appointment but my local MS centre has a neuro-physio who can see me next week at an affordable rate so I will get some advice and see myself off in the right direction.

Couldn’t be happier – it feels like things are finally starting to come together. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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