Everything is going my way!

Feeling very positive right now!

Health-wise, everything is stable and if anything I am feeling more confident with walking as time goes on, although I’m still a bit limpy and get tired more easily than I would like.

Well, the MS nurse confirmed that the flu jab is out – phew. I have heard conflicting advice as the vaccine is not live, but this came from the MS nurse I trust and frankly I am not sorry to have an excuse to skip the jab! Oh, and that pesky fungal infection has cleared up without difficulty, too.

My camper is back on the road – radiator fixed, pedals modified. Shame it’s too cold to go camping now the weather has turned chilly! But lots of weekend day trips await. I have a shiny new bike and a rack on the van and we are going out for a cycle in the Forest of Dean tomorrow, just for starters.

Last weekend I completed my triathlon. I was almost last in the field with a time fully three times longer than the winner, but this is not the point. Four months ago I couldn’t walk, remember? And four months before that, I was just starting out with Couch to 5k! I won my first ever medal, got the T-shirt and now have eternal bragging rights. I really hope I can do it again next year!

What next? I’m going to have my first attempt at park run next weekend (promised my family some family time today otherwise it would have been today!) I thought I might never run again after my triathlon, because even as little as a month ago I was finding it difficult and painful and no fun at all… But that seems not to be the case now…! I haven’t run 5k since about March, but I had no real trouble with a 2.5k (admittedly a slow one) at the end of my triathlon when my legs were already tired – so I will give it a go.

I am starting a new job – same company, same role, different division – so that is something to look forward to. I don’t feel that I’ve been properly “at work” since I went off sick in early May, so I’m really, really happy about having something new where I can get stuck in and throw myself about a bit.

And I have started reading Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis.

I must admit I had rather dismissed it as yet another one of those persistent quack fads peddled to the desperate by the deluded… But some generous soul has funded free distribution to MS patients of the book, so I am reading it and so far I am actually rather impressed!  I will write more about that another time, no doubt.

In summary, everything is awesome… 🙂


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