Month 2 bloods & symptom update

I popped into the hospital yesterday to have my second set of monthly blood tests.

I am very fortunate to live so close and to have such a simple process to get this done. At a time and date to suit me, I just take the blood form in (as provided by my MS nurse at my last check-up), grab a ticket, and wait for my number to be called – easy! And the specialised phlebotomy nurses do a cracking job with the needles too – straight in and done.

I am also happy to report than one of my old symptoms – altered sensation on the soles of my feet, which I have been experiencing for about a year and a half – seems to have disappeared. My soles feel *normal*. Trying not to get cocky – and it was one of my less annoying symptoms to be fair – but I’m still happy to notice that it is not there.

All good – as you were!


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