Month 3 – blood & urine

Friday was my third trip to the blood clinic.

No problems, except that it was my first urine drop-off too and I had to find the pathology reception to hand that in – after asking for directions twice I finally made it!

Symptoms are pottering along unchanged (but “no news is good news” of course). I have been fit and strong enough to do several hours of vigorous garden work this weekend!

In other news, I have started pilates – something recommended by the neuro-physiotherapist a while ago to work on my core strength, stability and balance. And I’m keeping up the good work with exercise generally, and with life as an OMS vegan.

Step 2 in the OMS plan is all about vitamin D and sunshine. The latter is in short supply this time of year but I have upped my Vitamin D supplement to the recommended 5000 iu (125 ug) per day – not too expensive if you are willing to shop online – and dropped my generic multivitamin too.



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