Month 4 – quarterly check-up

I had my second quarterly check-up (and month 4 blood tests) at the hospital today.

The MS nurse showed me the results of my last 3 months’ blood tests – which were very good I am pleased to report! Lymphocytes (the bit of my immune system that alemtuzumab killed) have recovered to 0.42, which is still well short of the target (>1.0) that we are trying to achieve before next year, but still very much on track.

All my other numbers – and I can’t stress enough, ALL my other numbers – were comfortably where they should be. My liver in particular is disgustingly healthy – the MS nurse said “robustly” – so that’s Christmas sorted, then!

We also had a nice chat about OMS. The nurse’s views chimed with my own general sense that

  1. although the evidence on which the OMS recommendations are based is not 100% clear and the key studies (like Swank) not well-controlled – there is certainly no harm and quite probably some benefit in following the recommendations
  2. placebos work so, even if the complementary therapies recommended are not directly medicinally effective, they may well work just because you believe in them – so if you’re going to do it, you may as well believe in it and
  3. the recommendations are generally pretty good for general health – diet and exercise and stress reduction – or at least harmless – such as vitamin D supplementation – so even if there is no specific benefit for MS, your general health will certainly benefit.

I continue to feel really well in myself. My symptoms remain stable, I am keeping up with my diet and exercise regime, and everything is awesome!


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