A winter bug

Nearly five months after treatment, I have caught a winter bug. It is the sort of thing that, with an immune system on full power, I would have shrugged off.

Instead it has wiped me out for a week (today is Day 8 of this infection, and it is not finished yet!)

In October – the last test result I have seen – my lymphocytes were about 0.4, ideally they would be at least 1.0. Meaning my response to a virus will be suppressed.

And, as it happens, I don’t seem to be having much of an immune response. No “proper” symptoms – because all the usual symptoms of this sort of bug (fever, snotty nose, sneezing) are caused by the immune response rather than the by bug itself.

I am tired – a bit sniffly – tired – somewhat dizzy and light-headed – tired – the occasional cough or sneeze – tired – a little headache that comes and goes – and did I mention tired?  This is, I conclude, the reaction of an immunocompromised individual to the common cold. Thanks, common cold.

I have been to the GP to make sure I don’t have a UTI. I had one at the time of my last relapse that also caused dizziness – and either triggered the relapse (boo) or at least delayed my being able to start steroids – so I felt it was better to be safe than sorry. Even assuming there was nothing wrong, I would rather waste 10 minutes of my GP’s time checking than sit at home needlessly fretting; and if there was a UTI in the mix, the sooner identified the better. Anyway, that came back negative so I’m left with “it’s just a bug”. As the GP said – common things are common.

But the lack of lymphocytes means that common things are also really rubbish.



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