Month 5 bloods

A brief update, as I popped into the hospital for a blood test this week. It was too icy to drive or even cycle so I braved the walk.

Fortunately, that nasty winter bug has finally eased off, after 3 weeks of rubbish fatigue – I’m still having to remind myself not to overdo it but I’m definitely over the worst (phew).

The walk, however, led to me getting enough pain in the groin / front-hip area that I had to limp home very slowly. This is something that has happened several times over the last 18 months or so, and twice just in this December alone! It comes on through excessive walking, although some days I can walk pretty far with no problem; other days I get pain after no more than a couple of miles, for no very obvious reason. (Dr Google suggests “not warming up” – do you have to warm up to go for a walk? I thought walking was supposed to *be* a warm-up!)

Time to do some exercises to strengthen those groin and hip flexor muscles…

I don’t think it has anything to do with my MS at all – except insofar as it is exacerbated because my gait and walking alignment have been affected by foot-drop, with knock-on effects on knees, hip and groin… Nevertheless, I’m grateful for MS (never thought I’d say those words!) because it has led me to be much more aware of the therapeutic benefits of physical exercise – not to mention more disciplined about undertaking regular exercise. So I am confident that I can fix this!

A New-Year resolution, then, is to re-learn walking, with proper alignment, and to strengthen the muscles that support my hip, groin and – while I’m at it – knees. If need be, I’ll go back for some professional advice from my friendly local neuro-physiotherapist. And once I’ve learnt to walk, who knows?



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