Quarterly check up – June 2019

After the first half of year 1, I am no longer feeling the need for monthly updates – but I will at least try and do a quarterly(ish) update!

Today I saw my MS nurse to have a general checkup and plan for Round 2. Technically this is due in mid-July but as I have a trip away booked for late July, we have agreed to aim for early August instead. It takes a little while (unpredictable) so I’d rather not be wiped out for my holiday. We’re going to Lundy and I’m hoping to do lots of walking!

I’ve decided not to fuss too much about listeria this time round – having switched to a vegan diet will have cut any food poisoning risk massively, so all I am going to worry about is common sense food hygiene and otherwise just get on with my life as normal.

So the vision in my right eye is better than it was but around 3 months after onset it isn’t as much improved as I might have hoped. Reassuringly, the evidence suggests I can expect continued improvement for up to 12 months so I’m not giving up hope yet! I can read a little with my right eye – only if the letters are very large and I move my head very carefully to line up with small areas of clearer vision. However, I seem to be managing really well with one eye and am back to driving again and working full time so I feel normality has returned!

And in other news, my lymphocytes are recovering well and I don’t have to repeat any of the pre-treatment screening I did last year so we’re all good to go.

See you in August!


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