T-1! (with added Lundy)

I feel woefully unprepared this time around. If I think back to the amount of thinking and planning and reading I did ahead of round 1 (not to mention bladder training and listeria-watch!), this time I have been far more laid back.

I don’t know whether I have prepared less because I am less anxious, or whether I am less anxious because I have prepared less – whichever way around is the case, I am not having any flutters of panic and I am not *feeling* unprepared despite the lack of any actual preparation.

My best preparation has been having a holiday immediately before to take my mind away from worrying about this coming week. Last year I climbed Snowdon the week before treatment which was an excellent distraction. This year I went to Lundy for a walking and exploring-the-wild holiday.

Lundy by the way was awesome – so wild, free and unspoilt. We saw puffins (albeit from the top of a cliff while they were in the sea so we couldn’t much make them out!) There were also wild ponies, deer and I saw seals twice, and once (with binoculars) a probable dolphin… We walked literally all over the island – from the southernmost tip to the far north. We visited all three light houses, and several other historical buildings in hard-to-reach places. We climbed up and down steps, hills, cliff-sides and other assorted steep slopes – and all without a spot of real bother from MS. I walked over 80,000 steps over the 6 day holiday (over 20k in a day twice) and kept going morning til night.

So I did have niggly knees a couple of times (especially downhill or down steps) and I was completely wiped out at the end – but it was absolutely worth it and I loved every minute.

So now, T-1, I am worn to pieces but feeling that all I need to do to be ready for tomorrow is rest, which is what I will do all day!


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