Round 1, Day 1

8am – Having had paracetamol at 7.30, I arrived at the Medical Day Unit (MDU) on time at 8am. Nurses are still doing shift handover, so I wait in the waiting room for a little while before settling into Bay A with all the other MS patients (it’s Tysabri day – I am the only one having alemtuzumab – it was the same last year as Monday is Tysabri day and alemtuzumab is not commonly given here in Gloucester Royal).

9am – I am settled in and the steroids are flowing. The taste is here already – but I’m well equipped with sugar free mints, chocolate and bacon wheat crunchies for later. I forgot to bring any juice to flavour my water – pineapple or orange are best for the steroid taste.

10am – Piriton on board and alemtuzumab dripping. I am stuck here for 4 hours now. My first cannula got dislodged through fidgeting and the second has been taped thoroughly in place. I am a devil for fidgeting! I have it in the back of my hand as I hate having to keep my arm still and straight if they put one in the elbow…

12pm – Feeling tired now with the effects of the Piriton. Got my sandwiches with me and eating chocolate and mints for the steroid taste. All going OK, although I am up and down to the loo with my dalek (christened Doris) in tow. I’ve got a book to read, and an audiobook on my phone as back-up and, of course, my laptop is connected to the hospital Wi-fi. Everything is awesome.

2.30pm – All done with Day one! The policy says wait around for 2 hours after the infusion has finished in case of reactions but Richard has given me permission to leave after an hour so I’ll be off home soon.

Evening – an uneventful first day, with a very slight headache that seems to be OK with a couple of paracetamol as needed. I did get an itchy ankle in the evening but I don’t think that was the rash – I did pop an anti-histamine just in case though.


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