Round 2, Day 2

It’s R2D2!

I had a sleepless night despite popping amitriptylene last night, could not get off to sleep and legs were twitching really badly, and even when I feel asleep I woke up at 4.30am and could not get back off again. Even so, I don’t feel as tired today as I did yesterday. Partly that’ll be down to the steroid high – partly because yesterday I still badly needed rest after my return from Lundy!

8am – Arrival on time again.

9.45 – Steroids in. I remembered orange juice today as well as my other anti-steroid flavour-fighters, so I’m ready for this!

10.15 – Alemtuzumab in. Just passing the time reading my book and enjoying my window seat as there is a little breeze.

3pm – Alemtuzumab finished and just waiting for the cannula to be removed so I can go home soon.  I have had a slight headache all day but paracetamol seems to be doing the trick again and everything else is fine. Had a little blood taken.

Evening – nothing to report, except that I am feeling a little tired and light-headed if I stand up too quickly. No bother.


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