Round 2, Day 3

A better night’s sleep, despite forgetting my amitripylene last night.

Have woken up with a headache again, and noticed a rash on my legs – took some antihistamine 4mg for that – hope it doesn’t stop me getting the 10mg dose later on before I get the alemtuzumab plugged in.

8am – Arrived on time again. Getting good at this! I need to give a wee sample this morning which I want to get done before cannulation.

8.45 – Steroids plugged in. Today I have pineapple juice in my armory. I managed a wee sample eventually although it took me two goes (unlike me!) and a couple of glasses of juice and water to squeeze out a small sample.

10.30 – Alemtuzumab in and running. Paracetamol top-up for the headache – it’s not getting worse but it’s not getting better either! My early morning antihistamine didn’t affect the 10mg IV dose so all on track!

5pm – Finished and left hospital by just after three. Feeling a bit tired today, although nothing like as wiped out as I was after the end of Round 1. I fully expect a steroid crash, complete with emotional rollercoaster and ‘roid rage over the next couple of days though… Rash is coming and going so more antihistamine now and, if need be, at bedtime.

For now, over and out.


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