Month 2 bloods & symptom update

I popped into the hospital yesterday to have my second set of monthly blood tests. Continue reading “Month 2 bloods & symptom update”


OMS – Step 1

In the book Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (link), Professor George Jelinek argues powerfully in favour of lifestyle changes to help those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

He doesn’t suggest that MS can be cured by these changes, but he does talk about recovery – in the sense that relapses can be dramatically reduced, and disability progression can be dramatically slowed. And the evidence seems compelling. Short of a cure, there could be no better news for someone like me. And unlike a cure, too little too late for those who already have the disease – this is a message of real, right-here, right-now hope.

I’m trying not to get all religious about this – but you can understand why somebody might! Continue reading “OMS – Step 1”

Getting my life back: running

The scariest bit of the triathlon I am doing next month is the running phase.

It’s only 2.5k (ha, this time last year “only” would not have been the right word for running 2.5k!) but my two very lame attempts at running this distance since the Great Foot Drop relapse have made clear how challenging this will be. I’ve had to jog-walk both times because I just keep stumbling when I run. Running sucks. Continue reading “Getting my life back: running”