First monthly checkup

I went to see my MS nurse yesterday for my first check-up after treatment, and to kick off my monthly monitoring. Continue reading “First monthly checkup”


Getting my life back: running

The scariest bit of the triathlon I am doing next month is the running phase.

It’s only 2.5k (ha, this time last year “only” would not have been the right word for running 2.5k!) but my two very lame attempts at running this distance since the Great Foot Drop relapse have made clear how challenging this will be. I’ve had to jog-walk both times because I just keep stumbling when I run. Running sucks. Continue reading “Getting my life back: running”

Round 1 – Aftermath (3 days later)

The weekend I spent in a state of utter exhaustion. If I were a mobile phone, I would have been on 2% battery Saturday, rising perhaps to 5% on Sunday.

The emotional rollercoaster of steroids continued unabated, which is just as well because the adrenaline from being upset and pissed off was the only thing keeping me going. I spent quite a lot of Sunday morning lying in bed and trying to decide whether I had the energy to pack a bag and call a taxi, and where I would go if I ran away, and whether it was worth the bother of taking the kid with me… Continue reading “Round 1 – Aftermath (3 days later)”