Round 1 – Day 4

10.30am – no steroids today so I had my antivirals and paracetemol at home and got to hospital for 9am. (No need to rush in as the alemtuzumab isn’t available until the hospital pharmacy opens at 9am…) Plugged in with antihistamine and alemtuzumab by 10am. Two goes to get the cannula in again, on my left hand today as the right hand is already covered in holes and bruises. 😦

It would be fair to say that the theme of the day has been Continue reading “Round 1 – Day 4”

Nervous – but not about alemtuzumab

Cleeve Hill – disappointing effort on a very warm day, 9 July 2017

It’s eight days until my treatment begins but I can’t think about that right now. It’s three days until my Snowdon attempt!

I am physically fit enough – I think.
My legs – my right leg I mean – it’s not great, but good enough – I think.

But I tried a pre-Snowdon walk up Cleeve Hill today – my first attempt at a hill since my relapse – and it did not go well. Continue reading “Nervous – but not about alemtuzumab”