Alemtuzumab stories

When thinking about my choice of DMD, I found it useful to read about other people’s experiences. Here are some links to other personal accounts:

  • David’s Campath Story.
    David was treated as part of the original trials, starting in 2003. This web page describes his experience of treatment and events since then up to date.
  • My Lemtrada Experience.
    Emma was treated in 2015 /16, and this blogs charts her experience in the USA.
  • It’s Lemtrada Time.
    Mike blogs in 2015 about his first round of treatment in Australia.

It’s also worth checking out MS forums (see Online peer support), and search their archives for “lemtrada”, “campath” or “alemtuzumab”. For example – Lemtrada search on MS Society forum.

My blogroll also includes active blogs written by people who have been treated with alemtuzumab on the NHS after it was licensed in the UK (2014).