Round 1 – Day 0

It is the eve of my first day of treatment.

I am mainly trying to distract myself from over-thinking, although later I will have to gather together my hospital kit. Continue reading “Round 1 – Day 0”


Why the “why”?

This is Part 2 of Finding the Why.

The previous post talked about why I chose alemtuzumab treatment, and what I hoped to gain from it in terms of long term and (with hope and optimism rather than expectation) short term health benefits.

But just as important is to focus on why those health benefits matter to me. Why does it matter if I have a bunch more relapses? Why does it matter if I can keep on walking well, or if I just toddle around as best I can? Wouldn’t that be good enough? Couldn’t I just live with whatever MS has in store for me? People do. Continue reading “Why the “why”?”


Finding the “Why”

I saw something recently about the mental attitude needed to embark on a long-haul battle – whether that be the long old journey that is Lemtrada, or another long old journey like re-learning to walk after a killer relapse.

Focus on the why. Continue reading “Finding the “Why””


All booked in!

I have heard back from the MS nurse. We have agreed a start date of 17 July for my treatment – 3 weeks plus the weekend to go. Eep! Continue reading “All booked in!”


Starter kit Part 2 – unboxed

Read Part 1 here.

It proved too hot last night for sexy unboxing videos – feel the disappointment. In any case, this sort of thing is a private affair, right?

I unboxed alone. Continue reading “Starter kit Part 2 – unboxed”


Starter kit!

20170621_161356Things are happening!

This arrived in the post today and I feel the need to do one of those sexy unboxing videos I’ve heard so much about… ahem, maybe later. Continue reading “Starter kit!”