First monthly checkup

I went to see my MS nurse yesterday for my first check-up after treatment, and to kick off my monthly monitoring. Continue reading “First monthly checkup”


Round 1 – Aftermath (3 days later)

The weekend I spent in a state of utter exhaustion. If I were a mobile phone, I would have been on 2% battery Saturday, rising perhaps to 5% on Sunday.

The emotional rollercoaster of steroids continued unabated, which is just as well because the adrenaline from being upset and pissed off was the only thing keeping me going. I spent quite a lot of Sunday morning lying in bed and trying to decide whether I had the energy to pack a bag and call a taxi, and where I would go if I ran away, and whether it was worth the bother of taking the kid with me… Continue reading “Round 1 – Aftermath (3 days later)”

Round 1 – Day 4

10.30am – no steroids today so I had my antivirals and paracetemol at home and got to hospital for 9am. (No need to rush in as the alemtuzumab isn’t available until the hospital pharmacy opens at 9am…) Plugged in with antihistamine and alemtuzumab by 10am. Two goes to get the cannula in again, on my left hand today as the right hand is already covered in holes and bruises. 😦

It would be fair to say that the theme of the day has been Continue reading “Round 1 – Day 4”


Everyone knows that drinking water is good for you.

It has to be said that advice differs over how much to drink. Sometimes advice is given in litres, sometimes in pints and sometimes in glasses (but how big is a glass anyway?) At one office where I work, a hydration poster on the back of the cubicle doors in the Ladies gives three different numbers for how much to drink per day – on the same poster!

And it’s also fair comment that the advice on what to drink can be a bit confusing. Does it count if it’s not water? Sugary drinks and caffeinated drinks and alcoholic drinks are all  pretty wet – but not especially good for you – and the sugar, caffeine and alcohol do have some counterproductive effects – so do they count? Advice is mixed.

But everyone agrees that drinking plenty of water is good for you.

I have seen advice that it’s particularly important for those with MS in general, and those undergoing treatment with alemtuzumab in particular. Why? Continue reading “Hydration”